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Not only will Anchor cut, weld, form, machine and coat your parts, we’ll assemble and ship the final finished products as well. In creating a manufacturing process for a product design, our engineering team will design for assembly. In our 224,000 sq. ft. expansion, we've added more assembly capacity so we can meet the demands of OEMs that would rather invest their resources in R&D or product shipment. We have the equipment and the capacity to do the heavy lifting for clients that need the service from their custom metal fabrication partner.

Design for Assembly

Everything You Ever Wanted

With diligent quality testing and efficient assembly processes, Anchor assemblies are designed to give you consistently accurate final products. Not only will we assemble your product as requested, but we’ll ensure it’s packaged and shipped per your request. Our assembly production can involve short- or long-run parts and sub-assemblies such as bolts, washers, handles, shocks, or hinges. We can even put your decals on the final product to completely eliminate your handling cost. Everything is there, so why not take advantage?

Design for Assembly

Products Planned to Perfection

From design to assembly completion, Anchor walks every client through our process for creating a final product. Depending upon client specifications, we will find a path through our manufacturing process to get your part assembled as accurately, efficiently, and timely as possible. When all services transpire in-house, the cost-savings potential speaks for itself.

SRI Certified

ISO 9001:2008 CertiFied

Anchor is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which validates our high-quality management practices and our drive to meet the needs of our customers

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