The Metal Fabrication Shop You Didn’t Know You Needed

Project Management & Quality Control for Optimal Manufacturing Results

  • A scheduling formula that’s been perfected over the years
  • Capacity planning to accommodate your custom projects
  • Meticulous infrastructure
  • More than one million square feet of space across six facilities
  • The ability to anticipate and address problems
  • Delivering on promises and manufacturing possibility

Proactive Planning from Conceptualization to Prototype and Beyond

You need a metal fabrication shop that proactively plans to cut constraints and create effective solutions that meet spontaneous challenges. Anchor Fabrication walks clients through every step of our methodology so you have a thorough understanding of:

  • Exact product specifications
  • Workflow
  • Cost
  • Quality control
  • Precisely when to expect delivery

Project Management that Mitigates Custom Metal Fabrication Issues in Advance

Businesses with tight deadlines and challenging production cycles need a manufacturing partner that can customize internal processes and systems for maximum efficiency. That’s why Anchor Fabrication developed Anchor Envision, a flexible project management system inspired by the Theory of Constraints.

Since each metal fabrication client’s product is unique with its own inventory, staffing and delivery requirements, Anchor Envision allows us to customize the manufacturing process for each client. The digitized system prioritizes workflow to:

  • Maximize efficiency
  • Handle constraints as they arise
  • Move assignments as they’re completed

To see Anchor Envision in action, schedule a tour to visit one of our facilities.

Metal Manufacturing Driven by Quality Control

The quality of the Anchor team’s product review perpetually sharpens our ability to deliver near-perfect quality for all products Anchor manufactures and delivers for customers.

  • State-of-the-art quality control machinery calculates exact tolerances of finished parts
  • Continual reduction of PPM (parts per million defective)
  • Quality expectations that exceed current industry standards
  • Products will not ship without risk management approval
  • Healthy correspondence to improve newly created parts or resolve any issues
  • The customer’s absolute satisfaction with a finished product
  • ISO 9001 registered facility
  • ASME-certified stamp holder
  • Additional Certifications

A New Product Introduction Process Built to Deliver Customer Success

Anchor’s New Product Introduction (NPI) process is designed to ensure customers experience a seamless transition between First Article and high-volume deliveries. Our exhaustive planning mitigates the risk buyers associate with awarding parts to new suppliers. Speed to market is vital to our customer’s new programs, therefore NPI yields two results:

  1. a quality, on-time PPAP delivery
  2. a stable, repeatable manufacturing plan that can immediately support production volumes.

Our team of engineers and SMEs participate in a weekly NPI Launch meeting to discuss and review every new part Anchor is awarded. All new parts are designed in SolidWorks by our engineering team, so any questions, concerns or potential cost-savings are identified by our team before production begins. Anchor’s New Product Introduction process was built around helping our metal fabrication customers achieve success with their end-users.