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Custom Metal Fabrication: Every Gauge In Every Stage

Why Anchor?

Why should you outsource metal fabrication to a steel fabricator like Anchor? We’re glad you asked. Watch our video to find out the benefits of letting us do the heavy lifting.

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One-Stop Metal Fabrication Shop

From idea inception to finished product, from production engineering to powder coating, from bending to assembly, Anchor has the capacity and the capabilities to handle all your custom metal fabrication needs.

  • Prototypes: helping your vision come to fruition
  • Production: handling everything from raw materials to final assembly
  • Processes: engineering a manufacturing strategy that cuts costs and optimizes timelines
  • Quality: inspecting the process and production to ensure we meet your expectations

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a single metal fabrication supplier for everything? Anchor is that fabricator.

Manufacturing Possibility

Light Metal Fabrication

Gentler handling for aesthetic metal manufacturing from concept to assembly.

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Medium Metal Fabrication

Our custom metal fabrication services cover medium production like steel fabrication and aluminum fabrication.

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Heavy Metal Fabrication

With state-of-the-art equipment and loads of square footage, no job is too big and no metal too difficult for Anchor.

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The Anchor Difference

Anchor conveniently streamlines light, medium, and heavy metal fabrication under one roof to ensure precision engineering and consistent, high-quality results. Doing so provides an alternative to international sourcing, approaches complexities with a problem-solving posture, and enables long-term customer relationships.

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Digitized Project Management

Custom metal fabrication projects involve a lot of moving parts. Literally. It’s easy for details to get missed or communication to break down, unless…

Anchor Fabrication incorporates digitized project management into every process for every client. This helps us drive down cost, maximize capacity, minimize waste, and optimize efficiencies.

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