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With over one million square feet of space across the Southern United States, Anchor Fabrication is positioned to make it easy to have your light, medium, and heavy metal fabrication projects completed under “one roof”. Visit one of our locations to see our processes for yourself.


Anchor Fort Worth

Engineering’s ultimate goal is to design a manufacturing process that drives down the cost of production without compromising (while in some cases improving) the quality of the function of parts.

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Anchor Mississippi

Without the need for cleaning or preparing materials before and after cutting, Anchor’s laser cutting services create precision cuts that reduce fit time for welders and ensure the part quality remains consistent.

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Anchor Tennessee

Reserved for more robust metal cuts, Anchor’s plasma cutting services provide rapid, high-scale, and cost-effective cutting for a variety of materials.

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Anchor Kansas

Developed for a broad array of fabrication competencies to provide customers with single-point, turn-key solutions to their complex fabrication requirements with seamless integration.

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