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The Value of Certified Weld Inspectors Within Custom Metal Fabrication

Certified Weld Inspectors (CWIs) are highly valuable assets for multi-service contract metal fabricators and beneficial to any organization hiring the fabricators that bring them on board. Welding constitutes one of the most complex services within the industry and is dependent upon individual welder skill. CWIs, after specialized training and certification, bring an unrivaled depth of welding expertise — unlocking greater levels of consistency and quality to the welding departments they oversee.

 Here are a few reasons why CWIs are in high demand:

Compliance and Welding Codes

Welding ManufacturingCWIs understand the intricacies of compliance and welding codes. Prior to the welding manufacturing process, they know which cutting method (plasma or laser) will be most conducive for a given part. They also understand the required presets on equipment, clamp placement, alignment and joint positions. During the weld, they can identify the proper usage of equipment and assist welders with welding manufacturing specifications.

Following the welding process, CWIs can conduct a series of tests to check the quality of a weld, including (but not limited to) visual inspection, heat treatment and a hydrostatic test. They can make the proper adjustments to the pre-weld preparation and in-weld procedures as necessary. The presence of a CWI can dramatically reduce the rate of error for welds.

Drafting of Welding Manufacturing Procedure Specifications

A CWI’s ability to create welding procedure specifications (WPSs) gives the metal fabricators that hire them a considerable edge over the competition. This allows fabricators to design welds that best suit individual parts, in lieu of using tried-and-true welds. OEMs that use metal fabricators with native CWIs can be reassured welds are suited for their specific parts and meet their quality standards.  As previously mentioned, a CWI will not only write the procedures for the weld, but also the quality-check testing procedures. They will ensure equipment is properly prepped for the job and that welders are able to execute their welds with competence.

Multi-Service Vendors and In-House CWIs

A custom metal fabrication vendor with CWIs has clearly committed to investing in the quality of its welds. Choosing a partner with CWIs will yield more productivity, higher-quality parts and fewer reworks. Furthermore, some industries require CWIs be involved in the manufacturing of parts.

 In the end, CWIs assume considerable responsibility and their diligence shows in the final product.  

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