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Our 224,000 Sq. ft.  Facility Makes Its debut

We’ve officially unleashed our brand new 224,000 square foot facility expansion! With the opening of the new facility that spans three football fields (or roughly 4,978 ping pong tables), we’re joining esteemed company as one of the 10 largest fabricators in the country. We’ve already begun taking advantage of the new digs and we’re excited to finally expand to our full potential work capacity later this year. 

Welding is Up and Running

While we aren’t using all of the available manufacturing space just yet, the new facility is definitely operational. Welding (both MIG and TIG welding) is at the heart of almost everything we do as a company and we’re already beginning to see the fruits of our investments in the space. We’re more than doubling our amount of welding stations, and we want our clients to be fully involved, especially if they’re not already, as we start to flex this newly acquired manufacturing muscle.

Powder Coating | Anchor FabricationCoating and Assembly Remain a Key Priority

Beyond welding, we’re dedicating our facility to two other core services — coating and assembly. We recognize that not only is there an increasing demand for parts orders to be coated before shipping, but that they also be assembled to streamline an OEM’s supply chain. With the coating stations we have in place, we can powder coat parts as large as a full-size suburban (10’x10’x24’ at 6,000 pounds). We currently offer both wet coating and powder coating, and we ensure the coating meets the highest standards in the industry. Parts that enter our coating process achieve up to a 3,000-hour salt spray requirement, guaranteeing that final coatings endure through the harshest environmental conditions. We’ll also have 27 overhead cranes and 10 tons of lifting capacity, allowing us to quickly power through projects.   Mig Welding

If you’re Interested in Expanding Your Services, Let Us Accommodate

Are you coating your parts yet? Are you welding with us? Do you want to reduce your part orders and have us assemble for you? We’re ready to take on new projects and we want to help you expand your work capacity, too. If you want to see the new facility for yourself, schedule a plant tour. Otherwise, you can talk to our sales team to discuss your next manufacturing project!

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