Plasma Cutting

Metal Cutting Services with Absolute Part Accuracy

Reserved for more robust metal cuts, Anchor's plasma cutting services provide rapid, high-scale, and cost-effective cutting for a variety of materials up to 2 inches thick, holding tolerances within .030 of an inch. Through VA/VE, our metal cutting services are optimized to reduce material waste and ensure absolute part accuracy.

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Bevel's Advocate

Our plasma cutting allows for beveling up to 2 inches thick, providing preparation for weld joints, enhancing aesthetics, or used as an alternative to machining. Our plasma department removes any downstream processes and unnecessary labor, saving you time and money. Custom metal fabrication requires adaptation to OEM design, and that means maintaining the ability to apply bevels when needed.

Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger

Given the sheer size of our tables (13 ft. x 60 ft.), Anchor can cut practically any size part you can imagine. In fact, you won't likely find plasma cutting with such high capacity anywhere else. In many cases, this means eliminating the need for additional welding. Our table size gives us the opportunity to work on several projects simultaneously. When combined with our downdraft exhaust system, we create parts with marked efficiency and timeliness.

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