Timely Metal Fabrication

With more than 100 years of combined experience and meeting tolerances at +/-.0005 of an inch, our machining department can confidently satisfy any client demand. VA/VE is integrated into every aspect of Anchor's custom metal fabrication process to ensure that we're as efficient as possible with our processes and material usage without compromising accuracy or quality.

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Raising The Volume

Anchor’s machining shop features the capacity for high-volume work, so complex projects can be executed without hassle. We can also machine larger parts after the welding process, which is a service you won't find with any steel fabricator.

Need For Speed

We craft code for our machines to ensure the most accurate and timely fabrication possible. Our tool changes are lightning quick and can be made in as few as three seconds. With our variety of lathes (large and small), as well as our multi-axis machines, we promptly turn around projects of just about any size in a singular setup. This increases efficiency and immensely cuts down product-creation time.

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