Metal Forming

Industrial & Precision Materials Forming

Forming parts per clients’ specifications is a core competency at Anchor Fabrication. The press brake requests that come through our door are consistently stringent, but we aim to meet them in stride and exceed your expectations. Our investments in metal forming have paid off, and we think you'll agree. Enough tonnage and capacity to handle the most robust projects, combined with lean manufacturing best practices, Anchor’s 150 years of collective experience in the forming department has consistently satisfied clients’ project needs since our inception.

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Press Power

With multiple press brakes up to 1,000 tons of press capacity, Anchor doesn't shy away from any project. We can form pieces up to 30 feet in length, reducing the need for welding and other downstream services later in the fabrication process. If you need deep and thick plate bending, look no further than Anchor forming.

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