We’re excited to announce the new Anchor Fabrication welding, coating and assembly facility will be debuting February of 2017. At 224,000 square feet, we’ve made a major investment to improve not only our overall welding capacity, but also the amount of work that can be passed directly to the wet/powder coating process. As clients’ demands continue to evolve, we want to remain in lockstep with them. This facility helps us achieve that.

Taking Welding in Custom Metal Fabrication to the Next Level


The original Anchor welding facility could hold 60 welding stations. Our new facility will more than double that amount, taking the total to 130 welding stations. The emphasis on enhancing the size and capacity of the welding department is a reaction to the increasing demand for welding services. More projects touch the welding department than any other service at Anchor. With the addition of 27 overhead cranes and up to 10 tons of lifting capacity, our throughput potential is higher than ever. This should give new customers the confidence and the comfort that we provide the capacity to create products on time and on a massive scale.

Upgrading Coating and Assembly

Our other priority was to expand our capacity in our growing assembly and coating departments. As more current and new customers recognize the benefit of having their parts coated and assembled with Anchor, we want to have the space to grow into that increasing demand. Not only can customers have their materials fabricated, but they can also take advantage of the added efficiency of having their parts coated and/or assembled in the same process. We now have the means to powder coat 10’x10’x24’ long at 6,000 lbs (around the same as Yukon XL). This is a considerable value-add for our customers.

The Future of Anchor is Bright

With more than 300,000 square feet of manufacturing space with the new facility, we’re now among only ten fabricators in the country with this amount of manufacturing space. We’ll be quickly growing into the new space and our next several investments will focus on staying up-to-date with our capital equipment. We aim to be one of the best metal fabricators nationwide, and we’re confident this facility places us closer to that goal.

We invite past, current and prospective customers to come check out the new facility at your convenience. If you’re interested in working with Anchor or taking advantage of our full range of services, be sure to get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to work with you!