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We match product design with manufacturing design

Great Design-Engineering Collaboration Starts with Excellent Communication


With an exceptionally qualified full-time mechanical engineer and programming department, we possess more than 60 years of collective CAD and 3D modeling experience. Not only do we help you design the perfect part, we perfect the production process. We're upfront with OEM design-engineers from the start of any new project and help consult them through Anchor's manufacturing process. Engineering's ultimate goal is to design a manufacturing process that drives down the cost of production without compromising (and in some cases improving) the quality of the function of parts. New Product Engineering is taken seriously, with the latest VA/VE Engineering methods at the ready to evaluate what parts of the manufacturing process or a product design we can optimize to be more efficient. We design for assembly, so any part or product can be created from the cutting process all the way to final assembly and coating.

Design For Assembly

No Type Like a Prototype

Through Anchor’s expert modeling capabilities, parts can be matched to exact client concepts. We often deliver a prototype that stands above and beyond a client’s expectations. With more than 30,000 parts catalogued and tracked, design challenges quickly morph into routine practices, which saves time and increases the production of quality parts. We understand our client's need for prototypes and understand that many OEMs don't have the resources or the capital to produce prototypes on the scale they want, if they produce them at all. Engineering is the first step towards planning out the development of prototypes so OEMs know that the end-result will be a quality final product. 


Reproduction Made Easy

Any design collaborations made by the engineering staff to client parts are documented in detail for accurate reproduction. First articles will be presented to our clients to ensure satisfaction, allowing us to make an accurate product that clients will be proud to call their own. Whenever you need that part, our saved design changes allow us to recreate a part at any time. Communication with OEM design-engineers is important to us, so we know we're producing a part correctly every time. Custom metal fabrication depends on reliable engineering communication to set up processes that set up OEM partnerships for success. 

SRI Certified

ISO 9001:2008 CertiFied

Anchor is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which validates our high-quality management practices and our drive to meet the needs of our customers

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