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How to Sell a Prospective Metal Fabrication Partner to Your Boss

You’re representing an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and you’ve finally found some prospective metal fabrication partners to pitch. You’re in the process of auditing these partners to confirm they are the right fit for your business. After all, your reputation hinges on the success of the partners you recommend. You want to bring to the table not only competent fabricators, but also those that approach the OEM relationship with integrity.

View this infographic to learn about the advantages of a one-stop shop manufacturing model.

Audit for Culture, Reliability and Services

When you’re searching for your ideal partner, you’ll be looking for more than services. You need a partner that you can trust How-Sell-Prospective-Metal-Fabrication-Partner-to-Your-Boss-small.pngwith at least some components of intellectual property and the ability to deliver a product on time. You’ll want to know if the custom metal fabrication partner has the following:

  • The ability to see a part’s production through its full lifecycle
  • Thorough risk management and Q/C
  • Track record of reliability with other clients
  • Capacity planning and efficient project management
  • Cultural fit with the OEM 

If you’re planning a long-term contract with this partner, the cultural fit will help ensure the relationship stays healthy even through adversity. Whether the OEM needs to launch a new product or optimize the production of an existing product, the contract manufacturer will meet the client’s needs on point. 

Understand the OEM, CEO and CFO’s Pain Points 

The CEO or CFO of an OEM might be apprehensive about investing in a contract manufacturer when the company can produce the product in house. They will be concerned with the potential breach of intellectual property, profit margin and an overall lack of manufacturing control. 

Aligning with a quality contract manufacturing organization will:

  • Reduce the costs of overhead
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Be flexible to changes in product design
  • Be open to new product introduction
  • Provide quality parts consistently 

These factors, among others, should put an OEM at ease. 

Be Confident in Your Decision 

Being confident in your decision will translate into the confidence of the eventual decision maker. Your Contract Manufacturer (CM) reflects your reputation, so you should be at peace with your chosen CM after completing the necessary due diligence. Understand the OEM’s pain points and ensure you can resolve most, if not all of them. Contract manufacturing is inevitable, so helping an OEM select the correct partner is unquestionably valuable.

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